Friday, March 5, 2010

Nope, I'm not berserk after all. I just got the travel planned before I started on the other parts of my retirement.

Today I found the mediation training I've been looking for. It's through the Dispute Resolution Center in my county, and there's a 40-hour basic mediation class in the second week of August that I'll sign up for. That's the first of several steps to becoming a certified mediator. If I don't like the class I'll at least know I looked at it. But I've taken classes in facilitation, and I've done some facilitating at work and with family members in conflict, and I think the process is interesting and productive. So when we get back from our week in Alaska, I'll have a short break before I start the mediation class.

Also, we know a fellow who runs a canoeing company. In the summer he's in Vermont, Newfoundland, and France. In the winter he's in Belize, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Several years ago we went with him to Nicaragua and fell in love with Solentiname, a group of islands in southern Lake Nicaragua.

Jim is working with the locals there on projects that will help them raise their economic prospects while not negatively affecting their way of life. Computers are going in, at a simple level, and kids are being tutored so they can compete with city kids for admission to the university. He wants people to come visit for a brief period and teach English.

Today I sent Jim this email:

Hello, Jim.

Art and I are retiring this summer, so we'll be looking forward to another winter visit to Central America.

Are you still doing community projects in Solentiname? Art and I are planning on taking training as teachers of English as a second language this summer. If we take the 60-hour course and obtain the basic certification, could we be useful to your program?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Linda Myers

Brier, WA

So, now that I'm moving forward on multiple fronts, I feel more in balance.

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