Saturday, May 22, 2010

Only 24 more work days. I said this to Art last night and he said, "You're talking about it so much, you must be afraid of something." I thought about that.

Possible fears:

1. Not having enough money. Nope, most days I'm okay with what the spreadsheets and the financial advisor tell me.

2. Not having enough to do. Probably not. I'm a lifelong reader. Just this week I bought a Kindle so I don't have to lug books and magazines in my suitcase. Also, I discovered, to my delight, that I can enlarge the font on the display. So "Noah's Compass" is entirely visible. And I have classes to take in teaching English as a Second Language and in mediation. Plus, the web is a constant tool for my continuing curiosity. And we'll be travelling. So far we have eight trips planned between July 1 and May 1 - some only three days, some longer.

3. Not seeing enough people. That's a possibility. Most of the time I'm content to stay in contact with friends via email or blog or Facebook, but at present that might be because I spend my workdays with multiple people around me. I'll need to take myself to places where I can get that same experience. Maybe the public library for a book club.

4. Losing my mental edge. That could eventually happen as I get older. In the meantime, I've promised myself to work a Sudoku daily, to read daily, and to find a way to retain my analysis skills on the computer or in the world. That part is up to me.

So I don't think I'm afraid.

Art and I went to our local cafe for our usual Saturday morning breakfast. I told Voula, the proprietor, about my 24 days and Art's comment about my being afraid. She said, "No, Art. Linda is saying 24 days because SHE CAN HARDLY WAIT."

She's got that right.

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