Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've figured out that when I'm no longer working, I need daily computer access, to come up to date with friends and the news. Last month, on vacation in Sedona, we didn't have wi-fi in our condo. So twice a day I made the 200-yard trek to the clubhouse, where I logged into Facebook, Yahoo, and our email account. Twenty minutes later I was refueled.

I also need a purposeful, focused computer activity that uses my brain. I've been doing that for many years at work, and it will still be important. But it will be my topic and on my time. Maybe I'll continue the genealogy research I put down a few years ago. Maybe I'll work part time from home for a company as help desk support. I'd like to think my temperament and personality will change into one more mellow and relaxed, but I doubt that will happen. So I will be looking for something interesting and productive online. I suspect it will come along when I'm ready.

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