Thursday, April 29, 2010

I think it's really going to happen. Retirement, that is. Here's why.

1. My husband Art got a letter from our HMO telling him he's now in their Medicare program.
2. He didn't get a paycheck on the 22nd of the month, for the first time in 20 years. His pension, his long-term disability and his Social Security checks for the month don't arrive until May.
3. In two more days I'll be saying, "I'm retiring next month."
4. We're considering a transatlantic cruise for next May before our walking holiday, paying no attention whatever to the number of vacation days I have on the books.
5. Instead of flying to Disneyland with our granddaughters for three days in July, we're driving.
6. I've made a new to-do list of how I'm going to get everything done after June 25, and it's not all happening on Saturday or Sunday. In fact, there's nothing on the list at all for weekends.
7. Bag Lady is waking me up at night when I spend money during the day.
8. People at work are asking me if I want to go to lunch.

I found out yesterday that my droopy eyelids (caused, said my opthalmologist, by "gravity and time") that are diminishing my visual field can be fixed as a medical issue covered by my insurance! How cool is that?

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Ms Sparrow said...

Boy, talk about a countdown! It sounds to me like you are well-prepared for the change. How lucky you are to be able to travel with your new freedom. Enjoy!