Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday - a beautiful sunny day in the suburbs of Seattle. I wanted to work in the garden or the yard, so I wandered outside where Art was already hard at work in his holey sweatshirt, suspenders, and ripped jeans. Art has been the primary tender of the spring garden since he's home during the week. So, not wanting to horn in on his project, I said, "What can I do to help?"

Art: Whatever needs doing.
Me: Well, I see some places in the raised beds where nothing has come up yet. What did you plant there?
Art: I have no idea.
Me: Well, when did you plant it?
Art: I don't remember.

So I planted more lettuce, peas and spinach in the empty spots. Then:

Art: Did you plant any bok choy?
Me: No. In this bed I planted lettuce.
Art: Well, I just planted bok choy there.
Me: You know, maybe we should make a plan for what goes where, and when we planted it, so we know what to expect.
Art: Why do we have to make a plan?

Sometimes a to-do list can be a good thing. What I added today is "make a yard and garden calendar."

Only 49 more work days until June 25!

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CherylK said...

Ha! That's hilarious! I promised Jack I'd help more in the gardens this year...maybe I should rethink that?