Saturday, June 26, 2010

The first day of the best of my life

When I woke up this morning, this video was running through my head. Going back to work on Monday, walking up the stairs, down the hall into my cubicle. With a sick, trapped feeling. Then it occurred to me I can replace the video, for now, with one of me sitting in the sun at the picnic table in front of the building, talking to a friend. That will work until the video fades and is replaced by other, more current scenes.

For years I've kept tasks for my to-do list on my electronic calendar, along with appointments and events that really have to be done. I read an article this week that suggested having no to-dos on a calendar unless they really have to be done that day. I'm going to do that, because the loaded up calendar creates a sense of urgency where one no longer exists. Amazing and wonderful!

I have an old friend, Shari, who's been retired for eight years now. She asked me recently why I always have to be so busy, why not slow down. Yesterday, I got through all the goodbye emails and hugs and walking out the door. But late in the afternoon the doorbell rang with a florist delivery. A mixed yellow and white bouquet of chrysanthemums, orchids and roses. The note read, "Linda, Happy Retirement! We wanted to help you kick-start your new life with a sun-shiney bouquet - as a symbol and reminder that now you'll have the time to stop and smell the flowers!" From Shari and her husband Bob.

That's when I finally cried. Thank you, old friend.


Daughter Number Three said...

I hope you have many adventures and new experiences. And definitely read many books!

Teresa Evangeline said...

What a nice way to start "the best of your life."

Jo said...

Oh, goodness, happy retirement...! Keep us posted on your new adventures in your new life. :-)