Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm taking a sick leave day today. Since my last day of work is two weeks from Friday, I want to use my three remaining days. I even told my manager I would be doing it. Shameless of me.

Today I'm living like I'm retired rather than like I have an extra day for catching up. I walked a couple of miles with my husband, read for an hour, put stain on one of my new Adirondack chairs, wandered in the yard inspecting the broccoli and the spinach and the neighbor's chickens and the humane squirrel trap on our front porch.

My mind is moving ahead already, thinking about my schedule once I'm not working - a commitment I've made to work on my online ESL class for at least an hour a day. To blog or write or query for an hour a day.

At first, I think I will be greedy to read. Like when I was a kid and then a teenager. Magazines and books and Kindle downloads and newspapers and other people's blogs. Filling myself up with the printed word. How wonderful!

For today, I'm going to take a nap instead.


MyMaracas said...

Hello there! Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my blog. I thought when I saw your retirement date that we might be coworkers, as my old division is closing that day. But I'm in Indiana, so it's just a coincidence.

I envy you your upcoming retirement. It's what I would do at this point if I weren't afraid.

We seem to have a lot in common, from interests and attitude to the fact that I'm reading Noah's Compass right now too. Hope to see you around!

Deb Shucka said...

It's so exciting to meet you as you're stepping into this new adventure. I look forward to traveling with you.