Saturday, November 13, 2010

Winter coming on

Where I live it didn't snow last winter. The winter before, we got only one storm, in December. Art and I walked to our neighborhood restaurant in the so-quiet neighborhood, and I fell off the edge of a sidewalk in the snow and sprained my ankle badly. Since then I've gotten in the habit of being very careful where I step, and I haven't fallen, but the ankle still gives me twinges from time to time.

I love snow and cold weather. That said, I've never lived where we got a lot of snow or a lot of cold weather. In the teens is about the coldest I've experienced. I like to think I'm a cold weather person, but that is a very large guess.

We're supposed to drive to Park City, Utah the week before Thanksgiving. I see the Cascades are due for snow next weekend, so I'm wondering whether we'll make it to Utah. I hope so, but. Our first alternative is, oddly, Alaska - where we could fly right into my sister's town. Or maybe we'll end up at Denny's on Thanksgiving Day!

Then we're driving to a rural resort in southeast Idaho the week before Christmas - using a timeshare trade before it expires. I'm making reservations for a snowcoach trip into Yellowstone, which opens the week before we arrive. The lady at the resort said it should be quite cold, but maybe not too much snow yet. Maybe.

I haven't got much snow gear. A ski coat, gloves, hat and boots. Long underwear. And snowshoes we bought two years ago but haven't taken out of the box yet. That's on the list for this weekend, so we can try to figure out what shoes/boots to wear with them.

What's happened here is that I've enthusiastically scheduled two trips with the potential for driving in snow - without much experience, and probably without the right gear or equipment. For a person who doesn't take risks, I'm taking some.

This week I have been recovering from jet lag and moving through the normal stages of a cold. I am taking it easy - sleeping and reading and working on genealogy and not much else. It's wonderful to not have to go to work.


Linda Reeder said...

We drove to Colorado one Christmas because a blizzard in Denver canceled all flights. We won't do it again.
Driving on ice for much of the way over two days was just too stressful.
We are booked to fly to Denver again this year. We keep our fingers crossed. Especially in Denver, you never know.

Bossy Betty said...

I moved from KS to CA about 30 years ago and I can tell you, driving in snow is something I'd have to get used to all over again!

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Arkansas Patti said...

I adore snow but hate driving in it. Hope you have nice clear roads but lots of white stuff on the ground to enjoy.

Mac n' Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I did crafts when I was younger and have just returned to it in the last couple of years.
I'm not a cold weather person. We were living in California but wanted to be closer to our daughter in Maryland but Georgia was as close as we got because neither my husband or I do winter, and it gets too cold here!

DJan said...

Living in Boulder, Colorado for thirty-odd years I got my share of snow and cold winters. It's a different cold there than here: the lack of humidity and brilliant sunshine make you think it's not as cold as it actually is. And here in the PNW the humidity makes the cold go right through me. You just need some hiking boots for the snowshoes, or any shoes that are more rigid than a pair of sneakers, for example.

Jo said...

I love snowy, cold winters. Having said that, I once lived in Calgary for a winter, and that quickly changed my mind. Weeks on end of minus 35 below temperatures can do that. *heh*

I think you have the same weather systems where you live that we have in Vancouver, and it has been predicted that we will be having a cold winter this year.

Your vacation at the timeshare sounds wonderful. Just be sure to bundle up...! :-)

Mary Christine said...

I think if I could just pick anyplace for a November trip, it wouldn't be Colorado or Utah - weather too unpredictable for travel. It would be to warmer climes.

But I get to look at snowy peaks every day. And I love them.

#1Nana said...

I like the snow we have in eastern shows up for a few days and then it leaves. It's nice to enjoy the beauty of snow covered ground for a few days. I like the novelty of it. After a few days the novelty wears off and the snow gets dirty and it's just cold and inconvenient. Don't be in a rush driving and you'll be fine. I'm going to Texas for chance of snow!

Anonymous said...

I prefer cool weather but I've lived in So. Cal all my life! Go figure :-)

Deb Shucka said...

I'm inspired by your sense of adventure. I'm so not a cold weather person - got my fill of snow and ice and below-zero growing up in North Idaho. Give me balmy breezes and even lots of rain any day. Drive carefully.