Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cranky in January

So I'm not upbeat this week. In fact, I'm cranky. But I have excuses.

1. It's January. I was in Mexico two weeks ago, in warm sun, and although there wasn't a lot to do, I was in warm sun. Today I'm in the Pacific Northwest. It has been raining off and on for a week. It's dark when I wake up. I know the days are getting longer but I can't see any improvement yet. January is always like this for me. I would gladly trade places this week with people experiencing cold and snow. Maybe I should have stayed longer in boring Mexico.

2. I've gone off the blood pressure medication that had coughing as a side effect. I was coughing. Now I'm not coughing. That is good. However, my blood pressure has gone up. I was hopeful that it would remain in a healthy range since I intend to exercise more. For the last week, I have been. But it's high enough that today I have to pick up a new prescription. I understand it won't make me cough, but it might make my ankles swell. I have thick ankles anyway so that probably won't matter, unless the swelling is really bad. Also, it may make me lightheaded. I have new side effects to look forward to. Maybe I should have stayed thinner and more fit.

3. I've been told I need to move around more rather than sitting at my computer for hours each day. So I invested in a TaskMate. It's a motorized stand for my monitor and keyboard that raises and lowers, so I can work either standing or sitting. It works fine, but if I have my Kinesis keyboard at the right elevation, the monitor is about three inches higher than ideal and I get a stiff neck and a headache. If the monitor is right, the keyboard is so low that my shoulders get pulled while I'm typing. Either way, this new gadget is not right yet. My husband Art will experiment with padding, and we are keeping the packaging in case the device needs to be returned. So now last week's back issue has been resolved but I have a stiff neck, a headache and sore shoulders. Maybe I should have avoided getting involved with email, Facebook, blogging, writing, and taking online ESL classes.

4. We're becoming surrounded by clutter. I need to spend some time each day getting rid of what we don't need that lives on our dining room table, the sidebar, and my desk. It will only be my stuff that goes, though. Art is usually unable to part with anything. Maybe I should have been a monk.

Those are my excuses, and I'm sticking to them.


Linda Reeder said...

Should I apologize? Your woes make me laugh!
I have been so busy just doing stuff that I hardly notice the weather. I do adjust my exercise depending on what's going on outside. Today it will be dry so I'll go for a walk instead of using the stationary bike. On the bike I can read. Walking, I'll listen to my iPod.
I'm trying to work on my food intake, by using a calorie counter program, but now I'm hungry and want to eat, so that's making me a bit irritable. But I'll just get busy doing something, even if it's just sorting and keeping ahead of the junk mail that comes every day.
I hope you find a ray of sunshine for your soul.

turquoisemoon said...

Ha ha ha...I ended up having to go back to work part time to help me to get over the blahs/cranky attitude. Exercising has really helped, but I'd rather be outside. hmmm...reading makes me sleepy and bored, so then I nap. If I nap, I won't sleep at night. The cycle starts all over...humpf!!! Really...I think exercise has helped the most. And, getting rid of clutter gives me some odd satisfaction. Hang in there!!! There's lots of us out there going thru the same...That being said, I doubt if that helps anything...LOL!

Linda said...

My but you are a little on the cranky side I do believe. So far, I've done well this winter with all the rain but we still have a long way to go before the sunshine of late spring and summer.

We fight clutter on a daily basis. Today we are working on books.

Hope something cheerful happens to you today.

Arkansas Patti said...

Moving seems to be the solution, so why am I sitting while typing this. I too spend too much time on the computer. Standing while typing might be good. Think I will try that.
Good luck and just know, you are not alone.

Sally Wessely said...

I had to laugh also. Was that rude of me? I thought you had a bit of tongue in cheek humor there. On the other hand, I hear ya girl. I feel your pain. Nothing scares me more than being cooped up in a house of extended periods of time while it is raining outside, and everything is cold, dark and dank. That makes me cranky too. Sometimes, I'm cranky just because I am. At least you have excuses!

Linda Myers said...

Yes, a bit of humor saves me from my winter self.

DJan said...

Dang, I lost my comment! I forgot to put in the captcha. I hope the next few days of nice weather will help to raise your spirits, I am sure looking forward to some break from the rain myself!!