Monday, February 21, 2011

Clams and the Facebook Cat - Missions Accomplished

The clams from our Saturday night adventure spent the night in a bucket of cold water so they could clean the sand from themselves. Yesterday, following the instructions on the "cleaning razor clams" page I googled, my husband Art boiled water, set up cold water, got out a knife, and did the job. We bought Ritz crackers and oil. We tried broiling the clams and frying them. The broiler in the condo didn't get hot enough, and the clams were too wet to let the breading mix coat them thoroughly. However, for dinner last night we shared a large plate of clams. They were surprisingly good - mild tasting - almost "like chicken". If we come here again, we'll pick up the right clamming gear and try our hand again. It was fun!

And last night after dinner, I pulled up the Facebook download and prepared "Facebook Cat" to send to the magazine editor. I had about 4500 unedited words from several months' worth of entries about Larisa, and they got reduced to 998 words (1000-word publication maximum). I sent the piece off by email. I have no idea whether it will be accepted for publication, but that's okay. It has more of a chance having been sent off.

I get to try new things these days. I love it!


#1Nana said...

Congratulations! You are more productive on a weekend retreat than most people at work. I'm anxious to hear if the piece is published. You are an inspiration.

DJan said...

That's funny saying they tasted like chicken. And here's hoping the Facebook Cat will be accepted!

Teresa Evangeline said...

I agree with Nana, you are so productive and inspiring. Now, I need to do something about it.

All best thoughts on the publication of your cat piece.

Linda Reeder said...

Isn't it great that we are never too old to learn new things. You can teach old dogs new tricks.
Good luck with Facebook Cat.

karen said...

Best of luck on the publication. xo

Jennifer said...

Those clams sound sooo good! Makes me hungry... Glad you're back!