Saturday, September 3, 2011

Doing our part

We're doing our part this week.

1. Our vacuum sealer broke just in time for the green beans.We found the model we wanted at Costco, but it was made in China and we'd like to support the economy of the United States. I checked out all the brands on the web and found that, unless we want a commercial grade sealer (80+ bags a week), they're all made in China or Taiwan. So we bought the Costco model. But we looked around. That's new for us, to do our part to buy domestic whenever possible.

2. I decided to help my body heal from its back injury. I've been following my exercise regimen for over a week now. On Wednesday I saw an acupuncturist. On Thursday I saw a massage therapist who does isolated stretching. My back is slowly healing. I worried for 14 weeks before I saw my doctor and got an MRI. I decided this week that, from now on, I'll do that much sooner, to relieve my mind. I'm doing my part to keep my body and my mind healthy.

3. I was accepted into the mediation practicum and will be observing my first family mediation on Wednesday. I'm doing my part to be a peacemaker in the world.

4. I've been spending half an hour a day learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone. We'll be spending most of February in Ecuador, and I'd like to be able to at least limp along in the local language. I'm doing my part to be a citizen of the world when I travel.

5. I spent two Saturdays at our business, filing and watching and listening to our staff and our clients. Our business partner shouldn't have to do it alone. I'm doing my part to be aware of what's going on there, to affirm successes and to contribute to solutions.

6. I talked to one of my grown sons this week about his upside-down mortgage dilemma. I'm doing my part to give wise counsel to my children and, at the same time, to stay out of their business most of the time.

7. I hosted an artist from Iowa for three days whom I hadn't known previously. We had long talks that included collaborating on a book. I'm doing my part to promote friendships with new people.

8. We talked to some friends about parking their trailer on our property, where they'll be living when they're not on their boat on the way to Mexico. We're doing our part to be helpful to friends.

9. I talked to my sister several times this week as she started nursing school at the University of Alaska. She had a typically frustrating transition in settling in to her housing and her routine. I'm doing my part to be a supportive sibling and friend.

10. I read the news about the current political turmoil. Then I set it aside and get about my life. I'm doing my part to be an informed but not an obsessed citizen.

It feels good to be busy and productive!


Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Wow, you are definitely being positive and productive in all kinds of ways. And don't forget, you're a good blogger and a kind and thoughtful commenter, too.

Grandmother Mary said...

It's an impressive list of doing the things you can do to make your world and thus the world a better place. That's the real stuff of global peace. Thanks for the inspiration.

Rita said...

Loved this post!!
Yes, you are doing your part in big and little ways. Inspirational. :):)

Teresa Evangeline said...

You are a well-rounded person with much to offer and are offering it. It must be very gratifying to have developed a life that works for you so beautifully.

DJan said...

Not to mention that you are doing your part as a fellow blogger, giving me lots of food for thought, and ways I can become a better traveler through life. Glad I found you, Linda. You are definitely not standing still in life!

Dee said...

You truly are doing your part. And part of that is your sharing all your realizations with your readers so that we can think about what we can do and how we do our part.

I found everything you said thought-provoking but what sparked a new realization the most was your final comment: "I'm doing my part to be an informed but not an obsessed citizen."

I get so involved in following the inane partisanship of Washington right now that I truly do get obsessed.
I hope to remember what you've suggested--that we can be informed, but needn't be obsessed. Thank you for this.


Beth said...

It is very hard to find products made in America and that is a darn shame. I try also to find products made here. I applaud you!

Olga said...

You are also doing your part in being an example and a role model to us all.
P.S. We did our parking lot mediation this past week. You know this already, I am sure, but being a mediator is a LOT of work!

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

You have such wonderful balance in your life and world view, Linda! To be informed and yet not obsessed, to advise but not take over a problem, to be a good friend, sibling and buy American whenever possible -- it all sounds great! Congratulations on the practicum and another step in the direction of a satisfying new career that will benefit so many!

Sally Wessely said...

May I also add that you are doing your part in playing an important role in the blogosphere world? I just noticed that Blissed-Out Grandma basically said the same thing. I guess great minds think alike.

I really did enjoy reading your post. I honestly don't know how you do all you do.

#1Nana said...

Good for've been busy! I substituted in Spanish class this past week. Funny how the Spanish comes back quickly in a panic situation.

Linda said...

Wow, that is a wonderful report. Wish I were doing that well.

Arkansas Patti said...

After reading what all you are doing, I can only hang my head and say that I am doing my best to represent the SLACKER community. You must sleep well.

Deb Shucka said...

I'd say you're doing much more than just your part. What a full and wonderful life you're leading.

whalechaser said...

You certainly are doing your part! And I love your take on things, I found myself applying your philosophy to my life and right away could say, I am doing my part too! Thanks for the insight and keep up the good work!

1NurseRatched said...

You go, sister! You always do your part.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I'm both impressed and awestruck! How do you manage to keep all that in check and going strong? Kudos to you Linda for taking active steps to keep your life active! :-)

I've been a bad bloggy friend of late but had a lot going on so no time to read or write. Hopefully I'm back on track now but who knows lol. Anyway, it was nice to catch up with you!