Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Road trip - Got my Southern on

Yesterday was our entry into the south. This morning we had a hearty breakfast with our conservative hosts and left their house with hugs and thanks. I've slowed down and now the culture is more familiar, so we're good for this trip.

We were met in Rutherford, Tennessee by Joe and Sue, caretakers of the Davy Crockett cabin. As it turns out, one of Crockett's daughters married a distant relative of mine, so Joe says I'm "kin". We trekked over to the cemetery at Mt. Olive Church where I found the tombstones of my great grandparents and my great great grandparents - this would be my father's father's family. Then, after a two-hour drive through beautiful country, we arrived at tonight's destination - Couchsurfers Tom and Joan, who live eight miles out of Waverly in a beautiful though unfinished house with a 180-degree view of Kentucky Lake. They fixed us pizza and we talked for a couple of hours with them and a young French couple also staying at their place. Good company tonight!


DJan said...

What fun! I am enjoying being along with you on your trip, Linda. You are such an adventurer and have certainly learned to roll with the punches. :-)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Great happy you check in here & there to give all of us the scoop. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun already & getting some history too. Very cool!

Bob Lowry said...

A comment was recently added to my post on blogging and friendship that might interest you, considering your recent trip to Ecuador. This link should take you there (it is the very last comment):

It is from a fellow who represents a company that helps people relocate to that country. Even though that probably isn't you, I thought you'd enjoy what he has to say.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

I love hearing about your adventures, Linda! I'm a bit timid about couchsurfing -- even with people I know -- but it really does sound like fun to share new experiences and good conversations with a great variety of people wherever you go.