Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's getting to be time

We leave Tucson two weeks from today. We'll spend a week in Sedona and then begin our four-day drive home.

The end-of-season gatherings are beginning. Today we're going to a "4th Street" potluck. We'll be spending time with neighbors we've met  - Dar and Betty, Ronnie and Bill, Jodie, Selma, Michael and Michelle, Don and Betty - and meeting some we don't know. I'm not keen on gatherings of this sort, but we've been waving to them all as we walk or ride our bicycles - everyone does that here - so the faces are familiar. The potluck will celebrate our neighborhood away from home.

On Thursday my Monday/Wednesday/Friday water aerobics class is going to lunch at the RV park's restaurant. I used to think an 8:00 a.m. class was too early, but here I usually wake up on my own at about 7:15 so it's been a good way to start my day. The class is full of familiar faces now: Carol, Susie, Mike, Hannah, Laura, Bill, Marilyn, Billie and a dozen others. We laugh a lot. When we meet at other times, we say we don't recognize each other with our clothes on! Carol teaches the class as a volunteer and there's a card and an envelope going around for her.

A week from today my handbell group gives its concert. We're in the usual "not quite ready to perform" state, but I expect the rough spots will be ironed out at Tuesday's rehearsal - or we may need an extra practice. It's been a pleasure to meet up with these folks for the last ten weeks to make music. There's also a card and envelope going around for Bette, the director.

Next Monday there's a gathering for the Reimagining God discussion group. This has been an unexpected gift for us - we didn't participate last year because we knew we'd be leaving before the end of the season. Everyone in the group is on a spiritual journey. Storytelling has been a big part this year - Art and I told our stories, and so did Betty, Mer, Eve, David, Sanjay, Bob, and a few others. The trust among group members has been very special.

The luncheon for the Great Decisions foreign affairs discussion groups is a week from Thursday. I was asked to facilitate the newest, fifth group this year.  Group V started out with six participants and grew to thirteen: Alex and Nancy, Lou, Al and Bette, JoAnne and Dick, Marcia and Jerry, Jim, Pothan, and Art and me. We're from Canada, California, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington. All winter friends. The luncheon speaker is a woman talking about the current status of women in Afghanistan.

Two weeks from today there's a potluck for participants in our Tuesday evening 12th step group. We may decide to stay one more night so we can attend that gathering.

There are no gatherings that I know of for our line dancing class or our current events group. We have two more sessions of each before our departure.

We started the season with the intention of regular attendance at two-step dancing and the Native American flute circle, but other circumstances prevailed and we only attended those events a couple of times. We still dance, though, and we're still working on playing our flutes. We hope to take the flutes on a hike in Sedona and see how they sound among the red rocks.

A few of our friends have already left the resort for home. Others will stay a little longer than we do. The winter community will dissolve and come together again next year. We're signing a contract with our landlord for another three months in 2015. Our park model is up for sale, so we risk not being able to come back to the same one if it's sold before next year - but we're not ready to buy a place.

Sun, wonderful sun! Arizona in the winter!


DJan said...

Linda, this winter haven seems to be pretty darn perfect for you and Art. I'm so glad it will continue next year, and I do hope your place will be available next winter. If not, you'll make do. I have loved being a virtual part of your winter activities. :-)

Linda Reeder said...

Linda, you sure do know how to fill your time productively! I am amazed at all you do, lead, and participate in! In spite of Art's serious health scare, you have had a very fulfilling Arizona winter.

Linda Hoye said...

I am imagining it must be bittersweet as you begin to make plans to leave Tucson and return home. Or perhaps not, maybe there's a sense of being ready it get back to your "other" life. We are newbie retirees and may consider a snowbird adventure of our own next winter. It's fun to follow along with your adventure. :-)

Meryl Baer said...

What a wonderful, active winter while those of us up North spent too many days indoors in couch potato mode. I bet you are already looking forward to next year!

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Hard to believe it's almost time to leave. You participate in an amazing number of I read this it reminded me of a high school yearbook in which some students' lists of activities were five times longer than mine, and I thought I was busy! You are among the "popular kids," I think!

Olga said...

Yes, I know the feeling--some sadness at leaving but looking forward to the next year and still enjoying the northern home.
I went to the park picnic--something Mike and I would never have done. I found it to be most unpleasant and will probably not attend again. It's a blog topic.

Rian said...

Linda, you are amazing in all the things you participate in. I think it's wonderful that you and Art enjoy such an adventuresome life. Retirement is very different around here. DH prefers home and family and we do very little traveling or entertaining. But life is good, albeit quieter.

Rosaria Williams said...

You make it sound so inviting! How did you find your place and would you recommend it to other retirees?

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

What a great community! It must be hard to leave, but you have winter 2015 to look forward to! That's just fantastic that so much is offered and that your interests and pursuits are so wonderfully eclectic!

We're getting ready to say "goodbye" to our snowbirds, too. About half of our community -- Sun City Anthem at Merrill Ranch -- are part-timers. Our neighborhood is having a potluck at the end of this month and another to say "Welcome back!" in November.

Let's meet up next winter! I'm only about 45 minutes from your winter getaway! Have a safe trip back.

Arkansas Patti said...

You all are the poster children for that type of living. You take advantage of most all that is offered, have made some great friends and traveled unusual paths. Way to go.

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

Sounds like the birds are getting restless...I never tire of this experience. Give me a call...I would love to have coffee. 5037300226

We will leave in late April. Bocce today! It is fun!


Sally Wessely said...

I can't believe you will be leaving so soon. You keep so busy. I really admire you. Jim almost said yes to coming to visit. He is interested in checking it out. Maybe next year. Have fun in Sedona.

Perpetua said...

Gosh, you two don't waste a moment, do you. It sounds like you've had a wonderful winter, in spite of Art's health upset. Enjoy all your farewell get-togethers and travel safely home.

Grandmother Mary said...

An active interesting community with loads of activities that are also interesting- fabulous and good for you for seeking it out.