Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's the little things

This has been a great week because of a bunch of little things.

  • One of my husband Art's sons, Peter, has been accepted into nursing school. At 30, he has been out on his own for over ten years, in a variety of jobs. He's a smart guy, articulate and easy to be around. Pete decided to conserve expenses for the next two years, so he asked to rent a room from us and we said sure. My philosophy is, do we only support college-bound offspring when they go to college right after high school, or can we help out later? We actually feel kind of honored that Pete asked us to be his landlords. It means he thinks we're okay to be around and that we can provide an environment that will be supportive of his current endeavor.
  • Art has given up his office to provide Pete with a bedroom. Art's extra spaces are usually filled up gradually with things he brings home, so clearing out the room was a major labor of love. At least three trips to Goodwill, full bins to the trash. Art worked on this project for several hours a day for the last week. He ran out of time, so half a dozen boxes are residing temporarily in our bedroom closet or the hallway. I know he'll finish the job, though. He's in the zone. I told him how impressed I am with his effort; it's "for Pete's sake".
  •  I've been asked to be a co-lead in one of the small claims courts in my county. To that end, this week I went to two of the other courts to observe the similarities and the differences. I ended up doing two mediations in each court. I love this stuff! Once I've given the introductory remarks in the courtroom and in the mediation room, I'll be certified as a small claims mediator. I look back on my IT career and now my voluntary mediation work and I feel doubly fortunate. As one of my fellow mediators said, we can do this work for as long as we are in our right minds. When I'm 80, maybe?
  • We may be spending more time in Arizona next year. Art had a small part in the musical Guys and Dolls at the place we live in the winter. Before we left to come home, he tried out for  next season's production of Oklahoma! He found out this week he has a supporting role - with a solo, a duet and several ensemble numbers. And rehearsals start in November. Last night he watched a version of his character singing. I think it hit him then that he's moving up in the theatrical world. What a pleasure to see that he's found something new at 72! 
  •  The radishes and beets in our garden are coming up. Another year of miraculous life! And my sister and I pulled out a bunch of St. Johns wort to allow our raspberries to spread; they're growing in that direction anyway so we might as well clear the way for them and the fabulous berries they're growing for us.
  •  I'm turning back to books after a number of months spent reading magazines. I'm reading a great new book by Anne Lamott. I've reserved a book I've read before from the public library. It's called Quiet and I should have it in a couple of days. I've reserved another book called All the Light We Cannot See but I probably won't get it for a month or so, as it's a bestseller.
See? Just little things. I'm a lucky woman.


DJan said...

Yes, you ARE a lucky woman! I am glad to hear that your mediation is expanding, since it gives you so much satisfaction to do it. I know you're good at it, too. Congratulations to Art for becoming a sought-after actor! :-)

Arkansas Patti said...

Be flattered that a youngster thinks you are cool enough to be roommates. This should be fun for you both.
Congrats to Art for stretching his boundaries--should we get his autograph now while we can?
And congrats to you for finding a lifelong occupation with no limits--cept for that right mind thing.

Pam said...

I think families are at their best when they come together and support one another! Good for you and Art, and good for Pete! My husband and I were in a similar situation a year ago, and we adopted the open door policy, also. We felt good about being asked to help, and it's worked out well. Becoming a RN is not easy--we learned how challenging it was when our daughter became a nurse. The good thing is that the field is wide open, and the pay/benefits are competitive.
It's wonderful that you and Art have found ways to be of service during your retirement.

Sally Wessely said...

Those little things are really the big things in life. You always jump right back in with both feet no matter where you are. I love that about you.

That is just great about Art and his new career!

Olga said...

Lots of good news here!

Jan said...

Sounds like things are great. I enjoy reading your blog.

#1Nana said...

Gave you a shout out in my latest post...for saying YES! Aren't we blessed to find new things in retirement that satisfy our need to contribute. Congrats to Art's son in moving forward with school. I think it's sometimes harder to head to school at a somewhat later age. Good for him for following his dreams and saying yes to his future.