Friday, January 6, 2017

Javalina Saga Part 2

After an absence of over a month, the javalina is back. Sometimes.

Earlier this week a neighbor knocked on our door. "Did you know the javalina is under your park model again? It was about 3 in the afternoon. The neighbor led me out to the back yard. "See that hole? We were just standing here and it came out."

Sure enough, another hole in the skirting.

"It came out yesterday, too, at just about this same time."

I texted Marc, our "javalina whisperer". He agreed it was time to trap the animal and move it to another location.

Here's the humane trap now set in our back yard. The idea is that the javalina will approach the trap and eat the potato and the peanut outside safely, then come back for more, with more confidence.When it steps into the trap for the food inside, the gate will come down.

For the curious, here's a video about javalinas, sent to me by my old friend HeeSun Gerhardt.

Marc says he will relocate the animal in an area where other javalinas live so it can join a new family.

First, though, we wait. My husband Art thinks the animal may seek shelter under our place when it's cold, and we're heading into a warm spell, so we may need to wait.

I can wait.


joeh said...

Their kinda cute, are they destructive?

Linda Reeder said...

Are they only herbivores? Can they be dangerous to people or pets?

Linda Myers said...

Joeh - they eat shrubbery and other vegetation in people's yards. They are not very cute, and they stink.

Linda - they can be dangerous if startled.

joared said...

Happy New Year! Sorry you have to deal with the javalina again.

DJan said...

It's certainly an interesting critter! I hope you have another post about the capture. :-)

Olga said...

I think I said this already, but a javelin under your house makes the years I spent Elmer Fudding with a woodchuck under my garden shed kind of silly in comparison.

Deb Shucka said...

So waiting is part of what he's there to teach you?

lyndagrace said...

Oh my goodness. Good luck!