Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Five days solo: What the Bag Lady learned

My husband Art had an opportunity to fly home to Seattle on Thanksgiving to assist an "older couple" who needed some help with the airports. We agreed that was a good idea, since he had a small project at home to attend to, and I was fine to spend the time here in Tucson.

Here's what I did while he was gone:

  • Had Thanksgiving dinner with my good friend Ellen. She loves to cook and she took the time to plan a menu that fits the Mediterranean diet I've been following for the last couple of months. We were joined at dinner by Mr. Doodles, her cockatiel.

  • Had lunch on Friday with my friend Connie. She and I became friends late last spring and both of us are very glad to have found each other. We are both good talkers and we are also good listeners.
  • Figured out how to use the remote for our new TV. I never had a chance to learn with the old TV. It is actually pretty easy. And it was nice to have it at my side for the five days I was alone. I found an uplifting Pandora station. For some reason, it's easier to use Pandora on the TV than on my laptop. For me, at least.
  • Watched the first three episodes of "Man in the High Castle" on Amazon Prime. 
  • Read the draft of a book a friend of mine wrote nearly 20 years ago but never published. It kept my attention to the last page. I could see it as a movie and look forward to talking to her about it tomorrow afternoon.
  • Practiced my Spanish on Duolingo every single day.
  • Got a massage from a therapist new to me. He's also a personal trainer and he told me about how he trains a person to do a pull-up, so you could pull yourself up if you fell off a cliff or a roof. I would never have guessed, and it actually sounds possible, even for me.
  • Did the exercises prescribed by my physical therapist every day. Already I can cross my right knee over my left leg and put on my sock without pain. For the first time in six months.
  • Went for a 16-mile ride on my pedal-assist e-bike and fell off, for the first time. I was going too slowly as I attempted a sharp curve. I got right back on the bike. I was a little sore later that day, but have no bruises.
  • Got a holiday pedicure with my friend Lynne. Green, with glitter!
  • Scrounged for four evening meals, since Art is the cook in our household.

And here's what I learned in my five days solo:
  • When you're alone, you decide whether to have the TV on, or the radio, or nothing. You decide what to watch, or listen to. There's no need to consider the preferences of anyone else.
  • When you're alone, and a 72-foot string of solar Christmas lights is delivered by Amazon, you can decide to have a friend put them up, or hire someone to do it. That way, you don't have to worry that your husband will scare you by climbing up a shaky ladder to put the solar collector on the roof.
  • You don't have to talk because there is no one else in the house.
  • When you learn how your husband is spending his loosely planned time in Washington, you are grateful for your own way of scheduling your days.  
  • Now that Art is home, it is quieter in our house. I don't have to talk even if there is someone else in the house. 
  • And I don't have to suggest or remind. 


Olga said...

isn't it wonderful that there are always new things to learn -- love your wisdom.

Tom said...

I love it when B goes away for a couple of days and I can do all the things ... well, pretty much all the things you were doing. I don't like it, though, for more than a couple of days. Gets lonely. Btw, how's "Man in the High Castle"? I was thinking of watching; but it seems like a big commitment since there are a lot of episodes. And be careful on that bike!

DJan said...

How wonderful! It sounds like it was all good, for everyone involved. I watched the last season of MITHC and enjoyed it, but the ending was rather... (well, I'll leave it at that). :-)

Linda Reeder said...

After reading your list I realize I have more control in my home than you must have. While we share the remote, I usually run . While we share TV watching, I usually get to choose. While I talk, Tom pretends to listen so I might have to repeat myself. I cook and decide what to cook.
I enjoyed your post though. It's always fun to read your lists.

Barbara said...

Very admirable. You spent the time with friends and alone, eating out and scrounging at home, and just generally doing what you wanted while at home. I call that a win-win.

Anonymous said...

So are you going to learn how to do a pull up? I've been trying for years now so I need the secret!


Madeline Kasian said...

Every year my husband likes to go away to somewhere really COLD..and I hate the cold! So off I send him. 7-10 days. Usually I plan a girl’s trip or a solo trip for myself, but this year I decided to stay home.We had a challenging year with some family illness, our cat of only 7years old died suddenly, and I did not feel like the hassle of travel— (plus we had. BIG TRIP to Thailand coming up in November) — I felt I could use a break. And to be a whole lot of NOT BUSY, just on my own.How blissful! I watched the shows I wanted when i wanted, I played a lot of music,slept in, did a lot of art,went to some art museums, had lunch with friends and my son, and did some extra meditation and yoga right at home. .I felt I had a mini retreat.Ahhh..so good that next September when he goes away i will repeat!!

Bob Lowry said...

Man in The High Castle is based on a tremendously inventive and terrifying premise. It is very well acted and worth your time. Just try not to see too much of today's world in it; you will never get to sleep.