Friday, October 16, 2020

Amazon is my friend, I guess.

The remodel of the lower level of our home is complete, and now we are setting up housekeeping. We're frequent flyers on Amazon these days. Here's what we've ordered for our new place.

7/29 - 8 flush-mount ceiling lights. Operate on dimmer switches. Wonderful light for dark days.

7/30 - Armarket cat bed - exactly like Larisa's bed in Tucson. So far she has not slept in it at all.

8/7 - Aposen cordless vacuum cleaner. Like the one in Tucson, it's easy to clean the vinyl plank flooring.

8/13 - Keurig classic coffeemaker

8/15 - Cuisinart cast-iron double burner - because the municipal code in our small city doesn't allow two dwellings in a single structure on a property with less than 20,000 square feet, and "kitchen" is defined as a range with a vent. So we have a wet bar with everything else.

8/15 - KitchenAid dual convection counter toaster oven

8/19 - Heavy duty clothing garment rack. No closet in the tiny bedroom, we hang clothes on this rack in the bathroom.

8/22 - Bed sheet set. We had to buy a new queen bed, since the two queens we had are in use by our tenants upstairs. We've rehomed a double and two twin beds.

8/22 - Fitted mattress pad, queen

8/22 - Lightweight quilt coverlet, oversized queen

8 /22 - Set of two pillows

9/9 - Bi-fold fitness mat - for physical therapy exercises over vinyl plank floors.

9/13 - Waterproof wireless doorbell kit - for new downstairs entrance

9/21 - 3-piece set of kitchen cutting boards

9/22 - digital bathroom scale

9/22 - Set of four woven storage boxes, teal. In an attempt to keep desktop and tabletop clutter corraled

9/22 - Power cord cable for downstairs TV - tenants are using the old one upstairs

9/22 - AC/DC adapter for CPAP cleaner; I brought my smaller machine along

9/24 - Commercial plastic cutting board - the other three are "too small"

9/26 - Noise-reduction headphones for TV watching when the other person is reading close by

9/26 - Toilet brush set. A brush in a plastic container won't cut it for a new bathroom layout

9/28 - iPhone case for the new, larger phone that replaced the one I dropped in the toilet

9/30 - 16-piece set of drinking glasses

9/30 - 36-piece kitchen utensil set

9/30 - 45-piece flatwear cutlery set

9/30 - Set of six porcelain salad pasta bowls

10/1 - Five decorative glass bowls, teal - to warm up the room

10/1 - Tissue box cover - new bathroom 

10/2 - Cuisinart 6-piece steak knife set

10/4 - Expanding file folder, teal - setting up the desk

10/4 - Pen holder, teal

10/7 - Two more sets of woven storage boxes, teal. They appear to be working to contain the clutter.

10/10 - Electric stapler.

10/10 - Box of standard staples

10/11 - Two oil-filled electric radiator heaters

And from other stores:

1 8x10 rug for living room

1 sofa-back table

2 end tables

1 TV console

1 dresser

1 nightstand

1 bookshelf

On order:

1 small dining room table and four chairs

1 sleeper sofa with matching loveseat

1 5x8 rug for entryway

1 coffee table with lifting surface

I have never spent money like this in my life. We're like not-starting-out-poor newlyweds.

It is nearly finished, I think. And in two weeks we return to Tucson, leaving this nice little apartment vacant for six months. Probably. Maybe. Who knows?


Joanne Noragon said...

And a cheery place to return to. And maybe still a couple of boxes to open.

DJan said...

That is quite extensive, for sure. But it sounds just right for this next part of your life. I myself would not want to leave it so soon. :-)

Tom said...

It's a lot of money, and a lot of work, I know. But once it's over I'm sure you'll love it!

Arkansas Patti said...

Amazon must love you. I'm thinking of all that cardboard to recycle. I hate that part.Think you have covered everything though. It is great to do all that and never have to leave the house.

Olga said...

Enjoy the new place. I am still wondering about going to Florida for the winter this year. VT is relatively safe after all, but it does do winter in a depressing kind of way (at least as far as I am concerned).

Linda Reeder said...

OH, you must have had fun shopping, ordering, receiving all those boxes, and setting everything up in your new home.

Madeline Kasian said...

Looks very cozy from the photo! We also buy everything on amazon these days.Avoding stores.My husband is our handyman and can fix just about everything—so all his parts and our pool chemicals,etc come from Amazon right to the door . He seems to miss his trips to Home Depot,though, much as I miss my craft store and consignment shop outings.Maybe someday we will go back to some sort of “normal!” Weather here in Arizona is getting cool in mornings and evenings!

Rajani Rehana said...

Fabulous blog

Rajani Rehana said...
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Allison said...

Your new living quarters look fabulous. It is so nice to have Amazon bring you stuff, we haven't been in a store since March, except for food.

Anonymous said...
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Connie Remetch said...

So glad you’ve done this & will have such an inviting place to enjoy. ❤️

Barb said...

They are dificult to avoid as they are so convenient. We once ordered a motherboard for the oven part of our range. Having said that I do look to Walmart for things as well these days. I would not want to leave (more importantly I would not want to fly right now). Better to have it all the way you want it..

Stephenie Brown said...
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