Thursday, March 4, 2021

This week, next week

We're four days in to our annual visit to Sedona. This year my sons Russell and James were the only offspring who made it - but they're just about the only ones who've never been here before. Russ flew down from Eugene and James came from Seattle. They met up in Phoenix, rented a car and drove the two hours to our timeshare in uptown Sedona. They've been busy - climbed Bell Rock yesterday and hiked Cathedral Rock today. 

The four of us have shared several meals - the first dinner at Cafe Jose, a comfort food place nearby, and tonight, James grilled T-bone steaks, which we ate with a salad and baked potatoes. 

Meanwhile, Art and I are spending our time reading and napping. Art found a new author - Vince Flynn - in the resort library, and I downloaded and read the new Stephen King novel in a day and a half. We're in a single-story villa this year. It's on the second floor, but there's a lift along the stair railing so Art doesn't have to climb the stairs with his sciatica. He looks like an emperor!

Sedona has been a great place for our family to gather over the years. Just a few minutes ago James said, "From now on, Mom, when you're coming here, I'll be coming here too." That's what they all say!

Russ and James leave tomorrow, making a stop at Montezuma's Castle National Monument on the way back to the Phoenix airport. We'll be here for one more night, leaving early Saturday afternoon for our four-hour trip back to Tucson.

This week has been relaxing. Not so with next week's calendar.

Now that Art and I have had our second covid vaccines, and two weeks have passed, we can be more out and about in the world. The asylum seekers' shelter has reopened, and we will be volunteering in some fashion, whether providing meals for the guests or providing airport transportation. Strict covid safety measures are being implemented. I've been asked to join the board for The Inn, and am having breakfast on Monday with the board chair. Diane and I have been friends for a couple of years now, so our meetings are fun. Usually we have breakfast in her back yard, but Monday we'll be at a local restaurant with safely distanced tables.

While I'm at breakfast Art will get X-rays taken of his back. The pain clinic doc wants to a get a close look at what's going on in Art's lumbar spine as he plans next steps. 

In the afternoon the carpet cleaning man is coming, finally. Tucson is a dusty place and I rotate three area rugs in our living room. Right now they are all just about unpresentable. Fortunately, hardly anyone has been inside our place for nearly a year except for us.

Tuesday it's my turn at the pain clinic. I'm getting a shot in my left knee. Hopefully This course of action will prevent a knee replacement for a while. When I got my first shot a year and a half ago, I'd thought I'd pulled a muscle. The doc said, "Nope. Arthritis." It's taken a while, but I've adjusted to the idea that I'm old enough to have arthritis. For some reason I thought that would never happen to me.

Wednesday it's Larisa the Designer Cat's turn. She'll have her annual exam and the vet will probably say, "Well, she's 16, but she's looking pretty good." Over the last 40 years, all but one of my cats has lived a long life. 

Art sees the pain doc on Friday for a consultation. Usually I go with him to his medical appointments. I'm the question asker. These days, only the patient can go in. I've asked Art to call me when he's in the doc's office so I can hear what's going on and ask my questions.

Oh. Also next week each of us has a PT appointment, and each of us is getting a massage.

We're still taking online courses and two are scheduled next week for each of us. Zoom has been a good option for us during the pandemic.

This week, next week. One day at a time, right?


Olga said...

So love that landscape!

DJan said...

I've realized that my aches and pains are not going anywhere but instead finding other parts of my body to pay attention to. Hope Art's back is not going to require anything too invasive. Glad to hear that shot helped your knee for so long and hope this one will do the same. :-)

Linda Reeder said...

As I am recovering from spine surgery and hip replacement, now my right knee is acting up. It has been deemed severe for a long time but I have been able to keep it going and mainly pain free until now. Since I can't to the PT exercises that kept my knee stretched, and with the added burden of compensating for my hip recovery, it has been letting me know that it is not happy. I'm glad to know that injections have worked for you, because I will not again have two surgeries within six months of each other. My knew will have to wait at least a year.

Sedona is a beautiful place. We enjoyed our short stay there in red rock country.

Joanne Noragon said...

That's a full schedule you have planned, you lucky vaxers! I still have my two weeks to put in, and then I'll be seeing relatives again.

Tom said...

I'm jealous. Not of Sedona. I've been there, and it's nice. But what I'm really jealous of is your two shots. We haven't been able to get one yet.

Joared said...

I will always remember my first view of red rock country pulling off the freeway from Phoenix into Sedona. Magnificent breathtaking sight.! Was early ‘60’s before all those businesses on that road into Sedona — just the church on the right hand side of road. They were just opening area up with lots for homes in late ‘60’s after we moved to Scottsdale area. Husband’s ashes scattered from the air in legally designated area so many years later as Sedona has special meaning for our family — been there many times but not for 20 years or so but was getting crowded with people then so imagine there are even more now.