Monday, April 26, 2010

I had a bad dream last night. Or, at least, I kept waking up. Bag Lady was in all her glory. See, I spent yesterday morning making travel arrangements for two trips we've planned - one to Maine for two weeks in September, the other to Mexico in January. And airfare is pricey. Mind you, both these trips are in the budget. But for some reason, Bag Lady thinks I've made a mistake in the budget. She's practically gloating.

I also spent several hundred dollars this weekend on a DNA analysis of all my family lines back six generations. I've been doing genealogical research for over a decade now, and this is a just-available test that may unlock some of my roadblocks. But it wasn't in the budget. I have some cash stashed for spontaneous things, and this is one of them. But how many times can I use the stash? Or how many times will I want to?

I know Bag Lady is a state of mind. But she almost has substance sometimes.

On the other hand, our July trip to Disneyland with our granddaughters has morphed into a road trip. The money we save will pay for the DNA analysis. Because in July I'll no longer have to count my vacation days. It will, instead, be the days of my life. And a road trip will be fun.

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Elizabeth McKenzie said...

I love the theme of you blog. I have a bag lady in my book.

It sounds like you are having a good time. Taking trips with your grandkids is always fun. We went to Disneyland a couple years ago. Last year we went to Vegas, yes, you'd be surprised. We stay at a hotel with a wave pool and a lazy river. This year we're planning a car trip to see Mr. Rushmore. Maybe Hawaii the next, and soon we'll be going to New York and DC.

Now, for heaven's sake, why did I tell you all of that?

Have fun and good luck with your budget.