Sunday, April 4, 2010

We planted an early garden in February and covered the beds with plastic. Last week we removed the plastic since the danger of frost is past. We found the onions thriving and just about everything else dead. The solution is to replant, which we'll do this week.

I remember we didn't plan on this early crop succeeding. We said, "Worst-case scenario, we replant." And so we are. If we'd wanted to be more sure of success we would have waited until now. But that surety wasn't important. It was the attempt at an early crop and the willingness to fail. That's pretty cool for an achiever like me.

Next weekend we leave for six days in Maui. We got this vacation offer back in February, from Art's brother Joe and his wife Joan. They usually travel with another couple, but that pair had a change in plans, so we were invited. We've never traveled with Joe and Joan, and we've never been to Maui, and we've never been to Hawaii in April - we usually go to the Big Island in January when the weather is dismal in the Pacific Northwest. And usually we'd have to say no to a vacation week in April, because we save our time for a September trip and the previously mentioned winter getaway. But this year, we'll both be retired by the end of June. We don't have to count vacation days! So this April trip will have a couple of first - our first with Joe and Joan, and our first as retirees who don't have to count the days. We expect it to be warm, relaxing and interesting.

I noticed today when I reconciled the credit card that Art has been spending money on the garden for apparatus, tools and other thingies. He's a putterer, and he seems to be stocking up. I had a mild Bag Lady moment as I imagined him buying and buying and buying until the garage and the shed and the area under the back deck fill up with treasures - he's a pack rat and a saver; "you never know when this old soaker hose might come in handy for something". We've had discussions over the years about this tendency of his - actually, I've discussed and he's avoided - but I expect that now, in his retirement, he'll find uses for all the stuff gathering dust and mouse droppings out there. It's helpful for me to remember that he just added a small union pension to the checks that will be arriving each month. We hadn't counted on that money, so I figure if he buys for the yard and garden and garage and whatever else, he can do it with that money. Besides, I love how relaxed he looks when he comes in from working outside.


Ms Sparrow said...

In Minnesota, we don't put our gardens in until after Mothers Day. You really get a jump on the season. I hear vacationing in Maui is wonderful.
Have a great time!

Jennifer said...

I wonder what would have happened to those sprouts if there had been even a tiny bit of nitrogen in the soil... Snicker =) We can always experiment with early planting again next year. Hurrah for our soil testing kit!

Happy Planting!