Tuesday, April 5, 2016

End-of-season gratitudes

With two weeks left before we return to Seattle, I'm sitting here full of gratitude. Here's my list:

1. The outside is just beyond the screen door. I can hear doves and the Corinthian chimes on our deck. Most of the neighbors have left already. It is quiet. So quiet. No road noise, no voices. I get to sit here in all this peace.

2. The temperature hit 90 yesterday and I was okay with it. As a matter of fact, it was 86 inside and we never turned on the air conditioner. It was more pleasant to leave the doors open for the outside sounds. I am finally, finally becoming acclimatized to dry desert heat.

3. I got a massage this morning. I get to do that every week.

4. I met this afternoon with the director and the production coordinator for next year's Voyager Light Opera Company musical, "Anything Goes." We're working on the budget because I'm doing the production finances next year. It is very good to be useful in a project I love.

5. I got a text from my friend Marion. Her husband Mike broke his wrist playing pickleball last week. Marion drove the 1400 miles from here to Oregon. They arrived home today. She said, "I miss you already." Marion and I and our friend Pete started a new 12-step meeting here this year, for friends and families of people afflicted with addiction. We got to make a difference in our winter community.

6. My friend Tamara posted one of her usual thoughtful pieces so I know she and her husband Tim made it back to Wisconsin.

7. I watched "Field of Dreams" last night with my husband Art. It's one of my all-time favorites.

8. I get to have lunch today with my good friend Joan, a sister of my heart.

9.  People ask if we're glad to be going home. I say, "We love both our places." We feel so fortunate to be able to say that.

10. I read it was sunny in Seattle yesterday, so I think our garden will be ready to plant when we get home.

I am a fortunate woman.


Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Yes, indeed, you are! Part of that is the ability you have to savor the moment, appreciating everything -- from nature sounds to lovely friendships.

DJan said...

You are indeed a fortunate woman, and I am pleased to be within your circle of friends. I look forward both to your posts after your return, and our October time together. I cannot but be happy to know that both of your residences give you so much pleasure. :-)

retirementreflections said...

I love lists of gratitude, Linda, and this one is very touching.
Thanks for sharing.

Meryl Baer said...

A beautiful piece on your ability to live to the fullest and appreciate what you have if life.

#1Nana said...

It's a good list. I, too, gratefully acknowledge all the blessings in my life. How fortunate we are to live content lives.

Linda Reeder said...

As always, I love your lists.
I too am feeling much gratitude for my life. Our spring is so beautiful.

Olga said...

I also appreciate your lists and share in gratitude for a good life.

Deb Shucka said...

Gratitude always makes the sun shine brighter, the birdsong lovelier, and our friendships even more precious.

Tom said...

What a great idea ... a weekly massage!

Bob Lowry said...

You and Art have made a tremendous transition to having two very different homes. Both Tucson and Seattle offer so much to the person willing to explore and be open. Safe trip home!

Madeline Kasian said...

Beautiful thoughtful piece..thanks for sharing. Being a year round desert dweller, I am just getting comfy at 86-90 degrees!! LOL! I do thrive in a warm climate.. you're heading back to Seattle at just the right time to enjoy the best weather there ! Do you ever think you'll move to Az. full time??