Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's up to me

I'm figuring out that my life is up to me now. I don't have someone else defining ten hours of my day. I get to make it up myself.

So, two days ago, I contacted the director of the Women Build program in Bremerton. She sent me a friendly, welcoming letter and referred me to the director of the same program in Tacoma. I want to be part of their next house build from the start. The idea is that women learn the construction skills they need working on a special project as a group. Then, when they show up at a regular build, it isn't so scary.

Also two days ago, I looked around for a mediation training class that happens before March. The March one is in Everett, near where I live. I found one in Olympia, in January. I think I'll sign up for that one. It's a 90-minute commute, but I may go on and find a place to stay.

And, two days ago, I set up WII Fit and spent half an hour working on balance exercises.

Then yesterday, I spent nine hours working on genealogy - way too much time to be sitting at a computer. My eyes were sore afterward. But every now and then I allow myself a day like that.

Last night I finished a wonderful book - "The Help", by Katherine Stockett. It has been a long time since I've read for hours. This morning I walked to the library to return it, feeling sad the experience is over. Reading is a great thing!

This evening I'm going to tackle my ESL assignment.

First, though, I'm headed to the garden to plant fall crops. Maybe do a little weeding in our riparian area.

And maybe take a nap.


Deere Driver said...

"The Help" is the next book club book here. Sounds like you liked it.

Linda Reeder said...

That sound like an ambitious list of activities you have lined up. Something for body, soul and intellect.

DJan said...

I'm looking forward to reading that book, and Linda, I think you are doing great with this retirement challenge. Keep me in the loop, you are inspiring me to widen my own horizons and not just fall into a rut.

beth said...

you go girl !

Arkansas Patti said...

Sounds like you are covering all your bases.
I am reading The Help now also. That is one of the pleasures of retirement, reading with no time limits.
Naps are important too :))

Chantel said...

"I get to make it up myself." Love that line. Realizing that life is a the very definition of freedom, don't you think?

Unknown said...

Sounds like wonderful plans to me. I loved The Help as well. Can't wait to hear about your fall garden.

fiftyodd said...

I really enjoy your writing style and the length of your posts is perfect! I had a look at your Clustrmap (I also have this - great isn't it!), I hope to add to your map with a nice dot in Cape town, South Africa! I am especially drawn to ladies who are coping with retirement, especially retired teachers like me. My husband has another four years to go, so I have that special window period of having delicious time to myself ( in between looking after grandchildren, who lucky for us, live nearby (at the moment!). Great blog! Thanks for all the other blogs you have found for us to refer to as well!