Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turning it around

Yesterday when I woke up I was resentful and bored. Not a good place. By the time I went to bed I was grateful and energized. A much better place.

I've felt stuck for a couple of weeks, somehow not motivated to move forward with plans I'd made for my post-work life. Then I decided not to fight it. To allow myself to recover from my eye surgery. To talk to my doc.

Yesterday Art and I went on a two-hour Segway tour in downtown Seattle. With us were his two daughters, his youngest son, a husband and a boyfriend. Riding a Segway is really easy to learn and fun to do, and a great way to see a city rather than by bus or on foot. Art hit a curb bump and did a controlled fall off his Segway - right in a downtown intersection - but it looked worse than it was and he got right back on. Today I looked on Craigslist for a Segway - I found one for $5,200 - fortunately, it's out of my price range.

There is no place on earth more beautiful than the Pacific Northwest on a sunny summer day. We got one of those. Learning to ride a Segway was on my bucket list. Now it's been replaced by learning to parasail. We saw someone doing that yesterday.

The other two things on my bucket list right now are overcoming my fear of heights and learning to embrace risk. I expect parasailing may help with both of those. We'll be in Puerta Vallarta in January, so I may try it there.

When I got home there was an email from a crew supervisor with our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. He was asking for volunteers for a project this Saturday. I responded, "I just signed up, I have no experience, and I'm newly retired. Should I sign up for Saturday or wait for another time?" So far, no response, but I have decided to do it if I hear back. Working with Habitat is one of my three retirement goals, but I'd planned on getting in shape first. Maybe that's not supposed to happen. Maybe I'm just supposed to do it if the opportunity comes along.

I'm grateful for my good health. For my back not hurting. For the financial resources to go on a Segway tour. For perfect summer Seattle days. And for emails that kick me out of my lethargy.


Linda said...

Good for you!! You are on the right track.

I agree with your assessment of the Pacific Northwest. I never tire or take for granted the beauty that surrounds me here.

Mage said...

Just delightful. I fell into the arms of the Cancer Society, and retirement is better balanced now. :) Segway yes, Parasailing no here. LOL

Linda Reeder said...

These are the dog days of summer, during which the doldrums are acceptable as long as they don't make you depressed. Sounds like your initiation into Habitat will come sooner than you planned.

DJan said...

that Segway tour sounds awesome! How much did it cost??

Unknown said...

I love your ability to grasp adventure! Plus, I also love that you too see the beauty here. I can't wait to hear more about your adventures. I've never ever considered a Segway ride but it sounds like fun.

Murr Brewster said...

Well good on you. I'd be afraid, personally, that the parasailing would shorten up the bucket list a little too fast.