Saturday, October 16, 2010

My long week

So we're leaving for Italy on Monday. And I, a jeans and t-shirt person, had to figure out what to wear. It has been a long week.

First, I'm between sizes, so some of my travel possibilities don't fit right. I placed two orders to Travelsmith and four to LLBean. By yesterday I had returned everything except a thermal shirt. I won't tell you the cost of the return postage.

Then, the temps in Italy are going to be in the mid-60s next week, dropping to the upper 40s at night. Not shorts weather. But not wool either. That in-between place where "you just wear layers". And that means more packing, to make sure you get all the layers. And maybe warm weather stuff too, in case it warms up the week after next.

I finally found stuff at Chico's - a couple of shirts, a pair of pants, and a vest. That, combined with two pairs of Not Your Daughter's Jeans, a pair of cropped pants and a few other shirts that still fit, should do it. I may also throw in a light fleece hoodie I found at Goodwill (my first purchase there) and a heavier fleece hoodie I found in the hall closet. Especially now that I found out - by calling Delta, our carrier - that the first checked bag for international flights is free.

The shoes. Old shoes that, when I put them on early this week, weren't comfortable any more. They made my legs different lengths. Two trips later to the shoe store where I purchased them, I got a couple of lift adjustments and walked three and a half miles to make sure they'd be okay. I wish I could wear my walking shoes, but they're white, and I don't want to look too much like a tourist, even though I am one.

I can't believe I'm doing this. I am not a clothes person. I am not a shoe person. I hate to shop. But this issue kept me awake for two nights this week. And that is very embarrassing.

In the larger scheme of things, I know I am profoundly lucky. My biggest problem this week was my packing list for a trip to Italy. I'm very, very grateful.


DJan said...

I hope you have a wonderful time! I bought a pair of pricey SAS slip-on shoes when I went to Macedonia last year, and they are still my favorite pair of shoes. I have almost worn them out, so I hope your shoes turn out to be the same.

And you're right: shopping is really tough for some of us, me included. It sounds like you'll be just fine with the stuff you've chosen to use. I found that many hotels have a pretty good service with cleaning pants and such stuff. I forget how long you'll be over there.

I look forward to hearing about it, Linda! Travel safely!!

Randi said...

Ooh, I would so love to visit Italy! Is this your first visit? Promise you will supply us with lots of photos upon your return.

I hate shopping too! I put off clothes shopping until my clothes are almost falling apart because I hate it so badly.

Have a wonderful trip, and thank you for visiting my blog earlier!

Teresa Evangeline said...

Yeah, I'm really feeling sorry for you. : ) I can commiserate with the shopping thing. I do not like to shop. But this was for a good cause. 'Cause you're going to Italy! Have fun!

#1Nana said...

We have so much in common, but not the shopping thing. I love to shop! One thing that I miss in retirement is shopping...there really isn't anything that I need to buy. I try to resist shopping for the grandkids; they don't need anything either.

Have a great trip.

Linda Myers said...

Actually, I do way more shopping online than on foot.

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

I have approximately 15 days left in the office before I'm retired. I just bought a new jacket and two pairs of pants because I couldn't bring myself to wear any of the stuff in my closet. A little sick, but the things I bought will be fine for non-work activities, so I'm justifying it. All that to say, sometimes we just have to have the right clothes to enjoy the moment.

Arkansas Patti said...

How excited you must be. I am so impressed you can shop at Chicos. I love their styles, I am just one size to big for them. They do love the smaller woman.
Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures for us shut ins.

Deb Shucka said...

I can so relate to this. You don't want your clothes to interfere with your being able to absorb every second of your time in Italy. Not surprised that Chicos had what you needed. Coldwater Creek almost always works for me. Traveling mercies. Have a wonderful time.

Linda Reeder said...

your issues with clothes sound similar to mine - between sizes, wear mostly jeans and tee shirts, hate to shop, never sure what to pack when traveling, don't want to be too obvious as a tourist, but must be comfortable. what a puzzle, but one certainly worth dealing with for the payoff.

Deere Driver said...

Back to Goodwill and get a comfy, sexy dress. Then you will look like an Italian!
The flight is later in the day - Yes??
Do it. You'll fit right in.
Have a WONDERFUL time!

Linda Myers said...

Flight is at 6 a.m. Oh, well. I haven't worn a dress in years.

Jo said...

Linda, have a wonnnnnnnnderful time. Pictures, we want lots of pictures...!!!

Linda Myers said...

I've decided to take my laptop - communication will be easier than writing in a journal and having to enter it all when we get home.