Thursday, September 30, 2010

Schooner pics

There's a fleet of about 12 schooners sailing from Rockland and Camden, Maine, during the summer. We always sail on the Heritage. We chose it because it has no engine - only a yawlboat to get us out of the harbor and back in - and in case we get becalmed. We're on the boat for six days and nights. We sail during the day and anchor each evening in an island cove. The itinerary is always different, depending on the wind and weather.

This is a typical view on the water.

Everyone is needed to haul up the sails in the morning, but the rest of the time you can do what you want to help - or do nothing. On deck it's pretty relaxing.

We eat very well. Lunch is on deck. It's always soup made with night-before leftovers, plus fresh baked bread.

One day there's a lobster bake on a "deserted" island. We carry the lobsters in the schooner until their big day.

Art and I ate five lobsters between us.

I spent time in the galley interviewing the crew because I'm writing about them. But in the evenings, we can read, or play cards or board games. Usually everyone goes to bed by 9 p.m. We're tired from all the sun and sailing.

A few of us went rowboating one night. To set our rowing pace we sang the Hokey Pokey.

On a cruise like this everyone gets to know each other.

We've signed up to sail again next September.


DJan said...

How fabulous! I want to go! Since I'm here on the West Coast I'm going to have to find my own version of this, which sure looks like it was fun. And relaxing.

Arkansas Patti said...

That sounds like the Windjammer cruises in the Bahamas. What a delightful way to wind down.

Linda Myers said...

DJan, let me know what you find. I haven't been successful. We paid $875 apiece for this - much less expensive than anything I was able to find on the west coast.

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It certainly sounds wonderful.

#1Nana said...

Sounds wonderful. But what I discovered about sailing is that I like the idea of it much more than the actual act. We have a 28 foot sailboat that was my husband's passion, but now he's moved on to new adventures. Want to buy a boat?