Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peaks Island, Maine - Day 3

We walked four miles around the island this morning and saw everything from wild coastline (the east side of the island looks out at the Atlantic Ocean) to beach homes both seasonal and year-round, to cozy cottages. Most people are clearing off the island for the season, but I understand about 800 hardy souls are year-rounders. There's a huge tree in our yard that was green two days ago and now is about a quarter red and orange. It happens so fast!

One downside of being away from my computer is that, when I log on from a library, I have time only to check email, Facebook, and my blog. Maybe write a little. But no time to check out what all of you have to say. It feels I'm out of touch with the online community.

Tomorrow we take the ferry into Portland. We'll stop at the LLBean outlet in downtown Portland. On the schooner cruise last week, I was chilly on the first day, so I've been encouraged to buy polypro long johns. Without a car on this trip, we won't be going to the big store in Freeport, but maybe I'll luck out at the outlet.

I like not having a to-do list on vacation!


DJan said...

I have lots of polypro for my hikes on Thursdays. I am comfy when those without it are not. Good luck in finding some! It does help, no doubt. And I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your hiatus without a to-do list!

Linda Reeder said...

It sounds like you are really taking to your island life. It sounds wonderful.

Arkansas Patti said...

You really are making me crave a return trip to Maine. It is such a postcard state.
Have fun at LL Beans.