Saturday, September 25, 2010

What I've Learned in Maine

So, we've been here for 15 days, with two to go. Here's what I've learned so far.

I love it when it rains at night and then clears up in the morning to sunny skies instead of lingering for days. I love how fast the leaves change color. I love listening to the foghorn and the single whistle of the Peaks Island ferry departing on its 15-minute run to Portland. I love walking in villages and in the countryside and along the ocean and listening to birdsongs we don't have at home. I love no traffic and people getting around on bicycles or golf carts or feet. I love the public library with its comfortable sights and sounds and its Internet access. I love leaving the door and the bicycles unlocked. I love lobster and the regional accents of Mainers.

I've reconfirmed for the umpteenth time that I need more social interaction than my husband Art does. When we're relaxing on vacation, having no garden or garage projects, he reads for hours. I read for a shorter time, then try to strike up a conversation. He continues to read. Plus, radio and TV are distractions he can't tune out. I have finally realized his silence has nothing to do with me, but with his personal preference for quiet downtime. Sometimes it feels like I'm getting the silent treatment, but that's an old childhood tape playing. As my sister reminded me last night, it's my issue. Art is just reading in silence.

So, I've learned I should never travel without my laptop, even if there's no Internet access. I could have written this week about the crew on the schooner, instead of next week when I'm back home. I could have played games to occupy myself. I could have brought along a few DVDs, and rented them, and watched them with headphones on. I could have brought an MP3 player and listed to the radio through those same headphones.

I've learned it's fun to use public transportation to get around, even on Sunday when it's limited. Renting a car for a day, or taking a taxi, feels like cheating and would be expensive to boot.

I've learned I still love Maine, but if I lived here for six months to a year I'd need to be in a place with more than two thousand people and I would need to buy some wool sweaters and some longjohns and some snow boots.

I'm thinking ahead to our Monday travel home: feet to ferry, ferry to dock, taxi or bus to bus station, bus to Logan airport, plane to Seattle. About 13 hours in transit, including wait times. I need to load up my Kindle with another book or two, make sure it and my cellphone are charged up. It's time to go home, and I'm ready. And that's a good thing.


Georgia said...

I am so glad you have had such a nice time! We have also had a lovely fall season which is a rarity for us so I have taken as much time as possible to be out in it, listening to the leaves rustling in the wind. I hope your trip home is good and that the time goes quickly.

Linda said...

OOh you make me hunger for such a vacation. Sounds like it was right out of a story book. New England in the fall can't be beat.

I identify with your Art. Please, no noise to distract me. Bob watches a lot of TV using headphones, and in another room. The flickering TV screen is distracting to me. I seldom ever turn the TV on.

Teresa Evangeline said...

"There's no place like home." But it sounds like a nice vacation and it's always good to have a change of scenery. Have a nice trip home.

DJan said...

We like a quiet household, too. I am the one listening to the TV with headphones (usually) and we don't have a radio or anything. I listen to NPR in the car, he doesn't listen to anything, usually. It does sound like it was a wonderful vacation. Safe travels home, Linda!

Deb Shucka said...

The sign of a perfect vacation - being ready to go home. So great you got this insight about the differences between your needs and your hubbies. Traveling mercies on the homeward journey.

Sally Wessely said...

Your lessons that you learned very quite insightful. I could relate to much of what you said. Your time in Maine sounds ideal as far as location goes. I guess one of the reasons I love my "blogging" friends is that I can hook up with them while my husband is either wired into his tv set via headphones and a remote that constantly is changing the channel or when he is playing with his cell phone, or when he is reading. I too like more interaction, but I can't expect him to provide it 24/7.

Linda Reeder said...

I can identify with too much quiet. Tom is like Art. I am like you.
Glad you loved your Maine vacation, and even more pleased that you are ready to come home.